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Benefits of Character Counter

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Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free

Our smart character counter is 100% free with unlimited usage

Easy to use

Built-in Grammar Checker

Check and fix grammar errors with
built in grammar checker

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

Upload your files and get accurate
character count result instantly

How to Use the Character Counter?

Our online character counter is a very user-friendly and easy to use tool

  • Simply copy & paste your content or upload the content file
  • The tool will calculate the characters, words, sentences, word density, and other details in real time in a matter of seconds
  • Click on the “Grammar check” Button to analyze your content grammatically
  • Use “Font Size” options to edit your text
  • Check the “Auto Save” button to automatically save your file

Who can use character counter

A constant and accurate check on exact character count is the literal soul of a quality write-up,

This smart character counter tool is a must-have for students and teachers to stay within the word count limit in formal academic writing.

This is equally crucial for SEO experts and digital marketers since their job nature binds them to have a constant eye on quality and quantity of the content being published on and off-page, making the online character counter an indispensable tool.

Apart from above mentioned formal usages, each social media user and random content contributor also needs this intelligent tool to keep within limits set by each social media platform for posting and commenting.

Is compatible with all devices?

Our online character counter tool does not require any extension, installation or plugin. You can use this character counter online with just a browser and internet connection.

It is compatible with all kinds of devices like, Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

Top features of

This online character counter tool comes with the following premium features

  • Calculates the number of characters, words, letters, sentences and word density in real-time
  • Word density feature lets you know the percentage of every single word in the text
  • Font style and font size options allow you to edit your text
  • A top quality grammar checker of this character counter lets you highlight the grammar error of your text
  • This character counter keeps your text even after refreshing the page until you un-check the “Auto save” button
  • This free character counter is compatible with all internet devices and operating systems like, Windows, Mac, Android, IOS.