5 Tips to limit Character Count Without Disturbing Content Quality

5 Tips to limit Character Count Without Disturbing Content Quality

Writing has come a long way, from Newspapers to advertisements on paper. Nowadays we in this digital world utilize writing in different ways. From digital web blogs to social media posts.    

A lot of people are writing digital content these days, and it can be tough to stay within the character limit but you don't need to worry about that anymore because we are here with a few tips to help you with your content.

There are many ways to reduce the word count without affecting the content quality.

What is Character Count!?

Character or word count is the number of individual characters or words that are present in your piece of writing. 

Sometimes people may underestimate its importance in the content writing role but that is not the actual case. 

When it comes to your brand, website, and or social media, the character count is a big deal and should be taken seriously. 

Here are the tips to limit character count

In the current world of digital marketing, one of the most important factors that are related to content writing that is most often overlooked is character count. 

The effective use of character count can be the difference between a successful blog post and a poorly performing article, blog, or social media post. 

This blog will cover several tips to help you create articles that do not exceed the recommended character count for their respective blogging platform while maintaining their readability and content quality.

Here is how you can make sure that you are not making the mistake of going over or under with your content in terms of characters. 

• Try to standardize your content strategy 

It is optimal that you establish a proper strategy for your content. It is so that whenever you deal with such blogs, articles, or any piece of content, you know what to do and how to do it. Every firm has an SOP (Standard Operating

Procedure) that tells you how to execute certain tasks regarding certain content. 

To make things easiest you can use a preset of templates so that you already have a starting point, to begin with. 

Utilize a past piece of content that progressed well. 

So again when you begin chipping away at another subject, utilize a ton of the structure and formula from your current and or past content as a base this way it will ease your struggle and help you increase your productivity. 

• Practice writing within a specified limit 

Every expert out there has been through stages where he or she has required training and practice to get their hands set on the activities that they perform. 

Practice makes perfect is a fact. Make sure that you practice whatever task you have problems with, especially writing. 

It is like a sport, as you can only get good at it if you have enough practice with it. 

When you keep up with this you get used to writing within the limit of the character count and also keep your content as particular as it needs to be. As said before, writing is a skill that can be learned. Just like any other skill, you can hone your writing skills by practicing the craft regularly and with passion. 

• Use a character counter 

Character Counter is a free-of-cost online tool that counts and displays the number of letters, spaces, words, numbers, line breaks, and word density in your piece of text.

Character Counters are internet-based and accessible through a web browser like Google or Microsoft. 

The current length and other relevant information are displayed and updated as you type in real-time. The length limit for your text is also displayed.

A perfect tool when you need to shorten your text or to increase your character limit. You can use this tool whenever you need to keep your text within a certain length.

The purpose of a character counter is to provide you with the means for avoiding going over the character limits for specific posts. 

Some of the popular social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram set their own character requirements. 

In this case, you have to be mindful to craft exceptional social media posts while staying in the required character limits.  

• Be relevant and succinct 

As we said before at the start of our blog that a lot of people are writing digital content these days, and it can be tough to stay within the character limit at the same time it is vital that our content is not irrelevant and out of context. 

Try not to include filler text just to extend the content that you are writing. Compose what you want to pass on to your readers and directly answer questions and or concerns they may have. 

Take each section in turn and add a spotlight on the context of your content so that it does not make a rush. 

• Simplify Format for Maximum readability 

When you’re posting content on social media platforms or messaging apps, you are faced with limitations that may affect your post's readability if not written properly.

Shorten your sentences - use shorter words and simpler language. 

Limit sentence length - keep sentences short. 

Use Bullet points and or lists to make it easy for the reader and also for yourself to mention certain specific details in your content and highlight them. 

Readers these days have a habit to skip through content when they feel that it is either excessively long or is insignificant, and that implies that they will go through your content skipping it and a reason for this is also their short attention


It is vital that you compose content that isn't just concise but at the same time is relevant to what your target is and is trouble-free to read through.