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Unauthorized Utilization

Under no circumstances is unauthorized use of our service permitted. The use of the character counter is completely free. You do not need to install any browser extensions or additional plugins to use our site fully. If you try to make an illegal attempt on our website, your IP address may be permanently blocked without any notice.


We do not require our users to sign up before using the character counter tool because our service is free. To determine the total number of characters in your piece of writing, simply copy and paste the text.

Link Removal

If you come across an unusual or offensive link on our website, please let us know. You are welcome to contact us about the situation. We take each and every request seriously. However, we are not obligated to make changes based on your wishes. We will investigate the link and, if necessary, remove it. We cannot guarantee that the link you request to be removed will be removed in the manner you prefer.

Accuracy of Information

We make no claim that our website is error-free. There are loopholes everywhere, and they may not be completely avoided. Keeping facts in mind, we cannot guarantee that the results produced by our service are completely accurate.


By using our service, you agree that you will not:

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